Security Measures

Further to the announcement of the route out of lockdown, we are delighted to announce that we'll be back on 29-30 May, 2021. 


The venue maintainers have been able to update and install various signage, floor markings and hand-sanitising stations throughout the building, but there are additional measures we must follow to ensure that our event is COVID-secure; the safety of our stallholders and customers is our number one priority. 

Additional safety measures  

  • MASKS: Face-coverings must be worn by all stallholders and customers whilst inside the Old School. (There are a few other exemptions to this listed on the official website, such as for children under the age of 11 or for those with a physical or mental illness.) Should you forget your face-covering there will be some available at the front desk.

  • HAND SANITISER/WIPES: There are hand sanitiser stations throughout the building, but we strongly encourage you to bring your own as well as to maintain good handwashing. 

  • CAFÉ: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any cafe facilities at this present time. 

  • TRACK & TRACE: From September 2020, we are operating under the government's track and trace guidelines and are taking contact details from all attendees. You can either 'check-in' to the venue using the NHS app or provide a name and contact details on arrival. These details will not be shared with a third-party (other than NHS track and trace officials if required) and will be destroyed after 21 days. 

  • RULE OF SIX: The 'rule of six' must be strictly adhered to. 

  • TOILETS: There should only ever be two people in each toilet at any one time. There are two stalls in the Female toilet and one stall and one urinal in the Male toilet. There are 2m floor markings in the corridor outside the toilets to help with social distancing if there’s a queue. 

  • ONE-WAY SYSTEM: There will be a one-way system in place to encourage the flow of people, both stallholders and customers, through the four rooms in the Old School. There will be hi-vis arrows on the floor and additional signage to indicate the route. The entrance is the main front door and the exit is the side door at the top of the corridor. Essentially, if you’re popping out to your car, seeing a friend in a different room, want to go back to one of the first rooms, going outside for a smoke break etc, you must follow the one-way system all the way around to re-enter the building.

  • CARD PAYMENTS: Cash is still the preferred method of payment, but we have encouraged stallholders to take their own card payments if at all possible. Card payments can be taken at the front door or in Room 4, but customers must be accompanied by the stallholders from whom they're making a purchase, using the one-way system. As ever, there is a 3% surcharge for card payments.

  • WINDOWS/DOORS: We will have as many windows and doors open as possible to encourage extra ventilation throughout the venue. If you’re prone to feeling the cold, you may wish to bring an extra cardigan etc. 

  • OUTSIDE STALLS: There will be a limited number of outside stall spaces and masks are not required outside. 

  • WHAT TO DO IF SOMETHING HAPPENS/EMERGENCY: In the event of an ‘incident’ please either come and find Pearl (Room 4) or Laure (Front door) or ring on the following mobile numbers – Pearl: 07884 167906 Laure: 07837 497617. There is a special space set aside in the porch area should anyone fall ill. Laure is a qualified First Aider and there is a first aid kit, including extra COVID kit, on-site.

Should you require any additional information in advance of the fair, please don’t hesitate to call either Pearl or Laure on the above numbers or you can email us at  

Things will look slightly different for the next few months, but we believe that if we all adhere to the safety measures listed above that our fair will be safe and profitable for all! 

Best wishes,

Pearl & Laure 

***Please note that although every attempt will be made to carry out the event, in the event of a change in government legislation or ‘local lockdown’ we may be forced to cancel with very short notice.*** 

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Pics - Richard Marsham

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